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Fiesta de Salsa Castlemaine

Created 3 Latin Festivals, choreograph cultural dance shows, selected and hired a 10-piece Salsa band, marketing, food coordinator, and dance teacher of the night as well as the event MC. Led a Salsa class to more than 100 festival audience members at the opening night event. Researched the history, and costumes and choreographed the opening dance.


Fiesta de Salsa 1

This time brings the Quarter Street Salsa band.

Camila Serrano and Katie Kilgore opened the night

performing Cumbia and Mapale.

Fiesta de Salsa 2

This time brings  Bataola, Cuban band.

Currulao Dance, AfroLatin dance opening performance.

Afrobeat performance with Milla Dance

Studio students


Fiesta de Salsa 3

This time Tumbao Social, a 9-piece Salsa Band came, and Latin Dj Randy Castilla with Colombiatojos catering Colombian food. Camila Serrano taught more than 100 people basic Salsa steps. An Afro-Latin band opened the night with a Bullerengue Afro-Latin dance with Milla Dance studio Students.

Salsa and Afrobeat performances followed the night.


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