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Camila Serrano


A native of Colombia, mother, singer, dancer, artist, teacher, musician, and multicultural event planner. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and was fortunate to be born in a culture that embraces its dancing roots.  She performed nationally with her high school's program dancing to Afro-Colombian rhythms. 

After training as a psychologist and living in New York, she now has settled in Castlemaine where she has built Milla Dance Studio, an Afro-Latin dance school that focuses on sharing movement in regional communities through dance classes, events, performances, and storytelling.

As a daughter of an Afro-Colombian, dancing African grounds her and connects her deeply with her roots, she is passionate about learning, connecting, sharing, and creating spaces for people to express themselves, free themselves and reconnect in community. She has been training for several years in a variety of West African rhythms and has a special love for dances from Guinea.

She believes in movement as a therapy for individuals and communities. She is currently studying Dance Movement Therapy and Dementia to integrate her psychology into her practice.

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