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Madeleine Nollez

Although Madeleine was born and grew up in France, it is when she first traveled to Senegal in West Africa at fourteen that she felt that she had connected with something very deep within herself.  Music and dance were part of everyday life and so it was very natural for her to explore rhythm and movement.  She first explored the Senegalese traditional dances like Sabar and Mbalax but later on discovered Mandingue/Malinké styles that originate in Guinee and Mali as she lived in Melbourne. Exploring West African rhythms and dance has been a very cathartic journey and helps her feel grounded and embodied. 

Her passion for West African dance is a way to reconnect with the transformative experiences she had when living there but also to honor the beauty of African cultures. She believes that music and dance are essential to creating joy.

She has several years of experience with children while working in childcare.  She has a first-aid certificate as well as a working with children

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